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Slogan / tagline check and creation (transcreation)

Does your messaging say what you mean? Find out now.

Editing / revision / proofreading

Getting your content ready for the international community

Content creation

Crafting the perfect travel industry and Japanese culture content


Transcription, subtitling, and more

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Japanese to English Translation

I specialize in language services for the travel and tourism industry. With the Olympics on the horizon and Japan receiving more visitors than ever before, the time establish your services with the international community is now.

Simply having an English website is not enough; it needs to have the highest quality native level writing throughout to be taken seriously and attract potential customers.

I’ll craft the language of your website and other materials so it resonates with English-speaking audiences, bringing more visitors through your door. Let me do for your organization what I have for many. Some of my clients include:

  • hotels
  • onsen (hot spring spas)
  • village tourist boards
  • tourism associations
  • museums

Japanese to English translation also available for

General business (investor relations, financial reports, CSR statements, etc.)

Green and sustainability industries

Social sciences and religion (especially related to Buddhism and Shinto)

International organizations and NPOs


All general (non-specialized) translation

Chris is one of the few translators we can really count on. Beyond just translating, he writes each and every expression with the target audience in mind. His work is professional and conscientious and our end clients are always extremely satisfied. We request his services with confidence.

Hiromi Matsushita, Translation Coordinator, AtoZ co., LTD.

Slogan / tagline check and creation

So few words, so much impact.

Quite often, concepts and language that appeal to the Japanese market won’t resonate with your English-speaking audience.

Your slogan and taglines are often the first glimpse the international community will have of your organization.

Let me ensure that your group’s English messaging is linguistically correct and culturally appropriate, conveying your intentions for optimal impact with your audience.

Editing / proofreading / re-writing

Do you already have English content, perhaps translated from Japanese by a non-native member of your organization?

Without thorough proofreading / editing by a skilled and qualified native writer, it is probably not ready for the world stage. My specialties include travel and tourism, literature, religion, the social sciences, and general business. I have also successfully worked on numerous projects in the medical field.

Of course, I can always help with non-specialized content as well.
Rest assured that my work will resonate with an international audience, delivering results.

Mr. Gladden has helped us on a number of occasions. I am a gastroenterological surgeon and have consulted with him and asked for proofreading services for medical articles where I was either the author, a collaborator providing guidance, or a reviewer. Mr. Gladden advised not only on grammatical issues but on the articles’ logical organization. … His services during the major and minor revisions that are inevitably required after submission for peer review have been a great help. … All of the articles Mr. Gladden has helped us with have been accepted for publication.

Yasuhiro Togawa, Director, Kamitsuga General Hospital

Content creation / copywriting

Translators are first and foremost writers. I specialize in engaging, top quality content for websites related to the travel industry and Japanese culture. I also provide travel writing for a variety of contexts including blogs, articles, brochures and more.

My informative, creative, and engaging content will inspire your visitors, bringing more customers through your door .

Other services

Besides Japanese to English translation and the writing services described above, I am glad to help with English transcription, subtitling, and providing unique content for social media.

I am always open to other ideas for collaboration as well.

For individuals

I’m also glad to offer Japanese to English translation / editing / proofreading services for individuals, including help with:

websites / blogs


Social media posts




academic papers / coursework




other areas according to your needs